Adorning the classics and
the downright millennials.

Handpicked from the greatest annals of jewellery design, we present a besotted range of modern day heirlooms that have braved the forces of time and the sheer brilliance of craftsmanship.

We pride ourselves on using diamonds sourced from accredited mines in ​South Africa, Russia, Canada and Angola operating from our offices in ​Belgium, Israel, Hong Kong, USA, and Dubai.

Our ‘Fine Jewelry’ speaks of an amorous kinship between diamonds, antique Basra moti, polki, rare rubies and emeralds. Brilliant cuts, mutuals, rose etchings and big diamonds set in platinum and gold.

All in-house - a Gold making facility, design unit for artwork and innovation in collections, including graders and polishers to achieve jewellery of the highest order.

Since 1996.